NAME POISE creates premier brand names that have the perfect equilibrium of sleek, subtle and striking.




Cleverness Through Simplicity. 

 The Quintessence Of Balance.

It’s about finding an uncomplicated name that hints at the emotions you want your brand to convey.

Clear pronunciation. Easy to spell but impossible to ignore. Unique company names infused with creativity and personality.

Brand names come in all styles and shapes – sweet, sophisticated, modern, witty, tech-y, made-up, descriptive, bold and beyond. But they're always memorable and meaningful.



I’m Tatiana Dumitru, the founder of NamePoise and a branding expert with years of experience in naming.


After working with 100+ companies to build brand names, I realized I had a knack for creating meaningful, unforgettable names that stand out in key markets. Each name I create is equilibrated and well-aligned enough to stand alone and speak for themselves.

Most agencies offer naming as part of their branding services, but I believe there's a special formula to creating truly great names. It's a blend of strategy, research, linguistic analysis, creativity and some magic dust.

​I work directly with clients and am completely involved in each project. Because I'm connected so closely to each client during the naming process, I only take on a certain number of projects at a time. I have a 100% success rate because I'll work with you until we find a name you love and I'm committed to delivering on both the project and the client experience. 

Unlike other agencies that charge extra for each revision, all of mine are included. This stands in contrast to the standard industry practice of offering one or two revisions before starting to charge extra. I'll only propose strong name options for your brand, but I know that revisions are part of the process. Sometimes it requires contrast and variation to see the value in a name.

As a branding specialist, ​I’ve built a client roster that includes Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and The Motley Fool, and I've been featured on Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, Influencive, WeMagazineForWomen and more.

I'm also a Leadership Network Writer for Entrepreneur.com, where I share expert tips about naming and branding. There isn’t an industry that I can’t create names for. Whether it's beauty, technology, medicine or virtual currency, you name it. Actually, I will...so let’s connect.