A Name Without A Story It's Just A Word

Brand naming is like a speed bump - if you don't have the perfect name for your business, it can delay your launch and affect your progress. 

While there are many agencies that offer company naming services as part of their branding packages (I do that, too, at PreTee Creative), business name creation requires special attention and that's where NamePoise Premier brand name agency comes in. Your name is the first thing people hear, so make sure your brand name is making the right first impression. 

A well-crafted name should offer a deeper insight into your brand’s values and mission and allows continual growth and expansion.

Name creation starts with capturing your brand’s personality, vision and direction. It involves strategy, research, linguistic analysis, and a lot of creativity...all mixed together to create a name that tells a story and starts meaningful conversations. That’s why I developed a worksheet with a few questions meant to help me understand your company’s story and why it exists. We’ll start with a call so I get to learn more about your brand’s vision, personality and goals and it’s also a good way to introduce myself. 

After that, I’ll need 10-14 days to send a first round of 5-6 names. Each one comes with a rationale explaining why I feel they’re a good fit for your brand or product. Based on your feedback, which is key in my process, I’ll provide revisions - I know that in order to see the potential in a name, there’s a need for contrast and variation.

A new name is hard to accept right away. It's new, it's raw, it's unknown. You’re not sure if it will make or break your brand. I’ll work with you until we find a name that you’re proud of saying, and I'll never pressure you into making a decision. Unlike other agencies who charge for each revision, I include them in the package. You’ll know from the beginning how much you’re paying and at the end of this process, you'll have at least one name for your company. 

And thanks to my commitment to client happiness, my success store is 100% even after working with 130+ clients.

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What's included in the package:

- Name Options

- Brand Name Rationale 

- Domain Name Suggestion 

- Preliminary Trademark Research

Project Cost: 5000$

A 50% deposit is required to start the process, and the remainder is due after the second round.